Are you the right CIO match for your Enterprise?

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Are you the right CIO match for your Enterprise?

Average tenure of CIOs range from 2.5 years to 4.5 years, and this range exist across Industries. CIOs were fired or removed due to their inabilities to meet enterprise needs. I noticed while working with many of them (Technology, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Information, Entertainment, and Media industries), that most of them did great in their past career and it would be difficult to categorize them as non-performing CIOs.

This made us think, as why they could not deliver or meet/exceed enterprise IT needs? or why they could not solve/build business driven IT capabilities?

The answer is: Every enterprise is going through a stage which requires the CIO that can meet enterprise need at that point (i.e. transformation, strategy, operational needs, innovation).

There are several view types of CIOs which I experienced:

Evangelist/Strategist – strong collaborator who brings innovative, often disruptive thinking to an enterprise, visual communicator, conceptual and is frustrated with detailed planning.

Transformer/Innovator – comfortable directing large portfolios of projects, both strategic and tactical; great team builder and communicator; develops and understand business cases

Operational Process Oriented – comfortable optimizing IT’s processes and platforms, very good sense for IT efficiency and effectiveness; effectively understands and applies benchmarks and frameworks such as COBIT, TOGAF, etc.

In my view, the success of a CIO and the enterprise depends upon the successful match of CIO and the enterprise needs at that point of time

Are you the right CIO for your Enterprise?