Cloud Apps on GCP


Cloud Apps on GCP

Scale on-demand across GCP regions
Provision VDI within minutes anywhere
Access SaaS platform securely
Integrate existing data, process and security guardrails

Cloud Apps on GCP

Whether it is just beginning to adopt the cloud or you have already achieved a cloud-first approach, Logicbulls VDI Apps serves any stage of the cloud journey. Deploying Cloud Apps solution on Google Cloud Platform provides agility for provisioning applications and desktops, giving IT departments the flexibility of delivering enterprise-class, secure virtual apps, and desktop access. This flexibility is enhanced by the benefits of cloud elasticity for infrastructure resources.

What is Cloud Apps on GCP Solution

Our integrated industry-leading solution for virtual application delivery, provides secure Windows, web, and SaaS apps to workers on any device, anywhere. Centralizing control with Google cloud and Citrix enables the freedom of mobility while increasing security and shifting IT costs from CapEx to OpEx. Our Cloud Apps on GCP offer enterprise-grade application load-balancing, advanced security, and microservices integration. Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) instances on GCP help the Google developer community utilize containers and the Kubernetes orchestration system to easily build, deliver, and scale secure cloud applications.

How Cloud Apps enable you?

On-Demand Unlimited Capacity to Scale

Efficiently scale up and down applications and environments, especially during busy seasons
Host virtual apps on GCP to reduce capital expense and scale as needed
Simplify IT management across on-premises systems and the cloud by providing a hybrid cloud solution
Allow organizations to connect to their environments from anywhere, with the same “look and feel” experience for all employees

Improved Security for Applications

Protect company-confidential information stored in cloud drive with features such as watermarking, controlled clipboard access for users, and controlled printing
Protect users from inadvertently clicking on malicious links embedded in emails
Help achieve compliance by restricting user traffic from going out to blacklisted and malicious websites
Provide automatic enforcement of security policies based on user behavior and machine learning

Cost-Effective Cloud Option

Enable customers to leverage and deploy on current and familiar infrastructure for quick and simple deployments, reduced capital expenses, and optimized investments
Expand cloud resources at the pace of business growth without the cost of additional infrastructure
Manage costs through custom virtual machine (VM) sizing and resource sizing recommendations from the platform to pay only for what is used, when it is used, with zero waste.

Dev, Test and QA Workload Validation

Leverage flexibility of GCP to move to the cloud at the customer’s own pace
Quickly set up new Operating system or other compute workloads to introduce users to new systems and increase adoption
Secure and optimize application access in Docker containers

In what situations, Cloud Apps on GCP works best?

Use the cloud when your applications (hosted on-prem or cloud) requires capacity on-demand during peak usage periods
When there is need to reduce or eliminate on-premises infrastructure dependency to avoid the large capital expense associated with new build outs
Hybrid scenarios where there is need to link premises-based environments to virtual deployments based on GCP
Critical need of business continuity during any business disruptions caused by unforeseen events (i.e., Pandemic, Facilities, Cyber threats)
Need to deploy a temporary environment to test new or updated applications prior to production rollout
There is need for reliable, highly-available secure authentication, access, and delivery integration with existing applications (cloud or on-prem hosted)

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