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Cloud Computing for Energy, Oil, and Gas

Digital orchestration allows companies to rethink traditional domains, redefine boundaries and redesign their operating models for sustainable processes. Oil and gas companies are investing in digital to become more agile. Unfortunately, for many, the digital promise remains unfulfilled. Time taken to respond to opportunities and threats in the market can have a detrimental effect on the businesses ability to unlock potential. An understanding of new markets, clients and technologies is essential to maximizing potential. This must be backed up with a well-executed plan and an agile approach to capitalize on opportunities and react swiftly to the needs of clients, by executing on ideas and getting great products to market at competitive price points.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver value and cost savings to energy, oil and gas operator on their digital transformation journey over traditional models.

Our years of experience with upstream, midstream and downstream operators can help you build and run workloads in the cloud. Key drivers of energy, oil and gas companies to leverage cloud offerings are:

Increased automation (efficiencies) needs across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors (esp. exploration, production operations)
High volumes of seismic and production data sets
High Performance Computing needs to process production operations data
Need of connected devices/systems for remote monitoring of remote wellheads, pump stations, and sites wearables for remote workers
Need of Connected Production to improve upstream performance, secure midstream operations, and refining downstream operations
Ability to access data and information securely in real-time to make faster and better financial and operational decisions
Need of multiple offices/sites to access data / files securely (i.e. collaboration)
Need of cost optimization (IT as cost center) and greater efficiencies
Legal, regulatory, risk, and compliance requirements (export/import, BLM, BIA, HSE)

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